Friday, May 29, 2009

Tuition and Book Loans

Peggy Buchmiller, Director of the Resource Center announced that the Center "has tuition and book loans for Summer Quarter available for students who qualify. We will begin accepting Summer tuition loan applications on Monday, June 1st. Summer book loan applications will be accepted beginning Wednesday, June 24th after book buy back is completed. Applications are available in the Resource Center Office in the HUB."

She also explained that there is no interest and no fee and no low income requirement, but students will have to show financial ability to pay back the loan by the end of the quarter. This would be helpful for some students who are working but could benefit from paying the tuition in three installments over the summer. Students who have financial aid already should not apply for the loan unless for some reason their aid payment did not arrive on time and they need help.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

HIV/AIDS Certification

Information regarding the 7 hour/4 hour "HIV/AIDS Education for Health Care Providers" DVD videos and the test available at the CBC Library.

For test takers:

  • There is no charge to take the test at the CBC Library.
  • Once you’ve completed the test, the Library sends it to the CBC Health Science Department in Richland.
  • The Health Science Department has between 3-20 days to grade your test and get your results to you.
  • To pass, you must earn a minimum of 75% correct on the test. If you pass, a certificate will be mailed to you using the address you provide on the back of the test.
  • If you do not pass, you have the opportunity to retake the test.

For Library Staff:

  • The HIV 25 page handout is now available for students to print (and pay for) or email to themselves on computer Ref 01 at the Pasco campus and MEDLIB01 in Richland. We’re no longer providing these optional, resource-intensive handouts for free. Examples of the handout (for students to refer to and decide if they want to print/ email it) are stored in the back of the HIV binder.
  • In addition, new, single-page handouts are available to give to students when they have questions (or first sign up to take the test); the handout addresses FAQ’s, tells them what to expect when they’re taking the test, and provides Library hours, phone numbers, and test result information.
  • Very clear staff instructions are located at the front of the binder in attempt to make it as easy as possible for staff members to help students sign up/ take the test.
  • Staff members will always collect the test when student is finished for the day or leaves the library, even on a break. Students are required to have picture ID to sign up or request an incomplete test. For privacy purposes, staff should write the information down on the sign-in sheet—not the student him/ herself. The information logged includes student’s full name (directly from ID), job title the student is working toward, number of hours required for that job title (a list of job titles/ video hours are included in the binder), and the date.
  • Those who do not wish to take the training at the CBC Library for free may visit for more options.

Desiree G.
Circulation Supervisor, 509-542-4458