Monday, April 23, 2012

ProQuest Databases Added

When the Statewide ProQuest contract was renegotiated the database lineup changed somewhat. The following databases are now available on our resources page.

ProQuest History Study Center - “History Study Center™ offers valuable historical reference material that spans from ancient times through today's current events. It houses over 40,000 documents that showcase historical events and provide quick and valuable facts for a variety of users from high school students to history scholars.” [Product description]
Resources provided include Reference articles, Biographies, Historiography, Maps, Primary sources, Images, Journal articles and Web links.

ProQuest Learning: Literature - “ProQuest® Learning: Literature provides more than 180,000 full-text works of poetry, prose, and drama from around the world. This unique resource also offers secondary sources such as author biographies and multimedia, as well as literary criticisms, essays, reviews, and interviews drawn from 100+ full-text literary magazines and journals.” [Product description]

ProQuest SIRS Discoverer - “SIRS Discoverer, an award-winning general reference resource for beginning learners and researchers in grades 1-9, makes learning fun and intuitive.” [Product description] The articles, activities and stories have Lexile reading scores. There are also thousands of images and age-appropriate websites.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Arbor Day Display

The Library is having an Arbor Day Display showcasing books about trees and wildflowers. You can take a look at the online list of books on display.

CBC has been designated as a Tree Campus USA and will celebrate Arbor Day on April 11 with a tree planting ceremony. Details can be found on the News Release about this event.


Thursday, April 5, 2012

Ebrary - Now Available for Download!

(Originally published Tuesday, November 1, 2011)
Over 25,000 ebooks are now available for 'check out' through our ebrary database. While before you had to have an internet-connected computer to read them, now you will be able to download part or all of an ebook to your computer or compatible ereader for your offline reading pleasure.
Update: Instructions for iPhone users (Please ask a librarian to show you how.)

1. Download the free app "ebrary" to your phone first.

2. Right now, you need to use the Facebook Account Sign-in feature to use the MobileApp. (We understand how this would be inconvenient if you don’t have a Facebook account.)

How to link your ebrary account to your Facebook account (a one-time setup):
a. Go to the ebrary site using a browser
b. Sign in to your ebrary account with your student ID.
C. Click “My Settings” link at top-right of ebrary screen
d. Under “Link your account to Facebook“, click “Log In“
e. On Facebook log-in screen, enter your Facebook credentials, click “Log In“
Important note: The Facebook Sign-in feature does not access or post anything on Facebook accounts, it just takes advantage of users’ Facebook authentication.

Now, go back to the ebrary App and click on the blue button that says “sign in with Facebook”. Input your facebook login and password

2. You will be asked for an Adobe ID. If you don’t have one already, click on “create an ID”. Fill out the form, only the starred fields are required, to create your adobe ID. Authorize your device with the adobe ID.

3. Tap near the bottom of the screen and you will see “Online Search”, tap on it, then tap on one of the search fields on the left, type in your search and click on “Search” below.

4. You will find the book appear on the right side of the screen, tap on it and you will be previewing it

5. Tap near the middle of the bottom of the screen, and you will see a link that says “Download”, tap on that to download it to your phone.

6. The downloaded book has much better resolution than the preview. You may download 10 books at a time.

7. When you are done with the book, tap near the bottom of the screen, and you will see a link that says “Return”.  

Another option:
 1. download the book on to your computer
2. transfer the book to your iOS device using iTunes
3. open the book using BlueFire.

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