Friday, October 7, 2011

Open Courses and Free Online Courses

  1. Open Course Library (OCL provides complete courses that include syllabi, course activities, readings, textbooks(free or low cost), and assessments. Faculty can "explore, copy, customize, translate and adopt any and all course materials" as long as credit is given to OCL.)
  2. OCW Consortium Open Courses
  3. Carnegie Mellon’s Open Learning Initiative (Open & Free Courses)

  4. Academic Earth (A nonprofit organization collecting more than 1500 free lecture videos for viewing from MIT, Stanford, Berkeley, Harvard, Princeton, and Yale.)
  5. Open Culture: Free Courses (400 free courses from Top Universities)
  6. MIT Open Courseware(OCW) (2000 courses with some free contents by department.)
  7. U-M Open Educational Resources
  8. berkley.webcast (free videos, audios)
  9. Harvard Open Courses (8 free courses in audio and video)
  10. Stanford Open Courses (scroll down to see the list of free complete online courses)
  11. Open Yale Courses