Monday, January 4, 2010

Expanded Green Zone

Welcome back and Happy New Year!
During last fall quarter, we noticed that students are really great about following the rules for the library zones, especially in the red Silent Zone. Thank you! :) The green Collaborative Zone was very popular too and we realized that we need more tables in the Green Zone where you can talk normally and collaborate with others. That became one of our projects for the winter break and we really like the new look and we hope you do too!
  1. The reference collection was weeded and some volumes were moved to Archives;
  2. The reference shelves in the middle of the library were shifted to the west;
  3. Four large tables were added to the Green Zone outside of the Epicenter;
  4. “Reserve Ref shelf”: All reserve reference books (those books that your professors pulled for specific classes and have different loan periods) are on a standalone “Reserve Ref shelf” behind the reference desk and the new books shelf now.
  5. “Oversized shelf”: All oversized books (art books, etc.) are on the “Oversized shelf” at the end of the main collection now.