Monday, May 23, 2011

Audiobooks Online - Cancelled

This subscription was not renewed due to low usage and technical issues. Our students and faculty have access to downloadable audiobooks through Mid-Columbia and Richland public libraries. May 2012.

The library has added our first collection of audiobooks, an ‘academic’ subscription collection from Recorded Books with several hundred titles. They are available now to Search in OneClickDigital. To be able to ‘check out’ books you will have to create a free account, either on campus or after logging in with our quarterly password.

You will then be able to download titles to your computer and/or Mp3 player.

May 2011.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Find Your Zones in the Library

Collaborative Zone
• Active Learning
• Normal Conversations
• No Cell Phone Calls
• Turn Cell Phone Ringers Off

Quiet Study Zone
• Occasional talking
• Low speaking voice
• No cell phone calls
• Set cell phone to silent

Silent Study Zone
• Strictly for silent study
• No talking
• No cell phone calls
• Set cell phone to silent

When, why, & how did we start the library zones program?

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Choose Privacy Week 2011

Choose Privacy Week May 2-8, 2010May 1-7, 2011 is the second annual Choose Privacy Week, an ongoing program by American Library Association.

Library Display:
View the list of books on display at the CBC Library.

Have you ever "googled" your name? Were you surprised by what you found online? Take some time to watch the following thought-provoking video.

Choose Privacy Week Video from 20K Films on Vimeo.

Here is another video that explores how technology has influenced our concept of privacy.

More Videos

More Websites:

What They Know. A Series of articles on digital privacy from The Wall Street Journal.

Privacy in Peril.

The Paranoid's Guide to Facebook

Please Rob Me: Raising awareness about over-sharing and locational privacy.

Annette Cary. "Protecting ID easy as A-b-C. " Tri - City Herald 5 May 2011,Washington State Newsstand, ProQuest. Web. 5 May. 2011.

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