Monday, October 6, 2008

Assisting Spanish Speakers

Here is the Spanish for ‘I am sorry, I don’t speak Spanish. One moment while I transfer you to the operator.’

Lo siento, pero no hablo espanol. Un momento mientras que le transfiero al operador.

Explaining to a Spanish speaker that they have been misdirected or are otherwise misinformed after determining that they wish to buy, not borrow, books.

Lo siento mucho, ---- I am very sorry (standard politeness)
pero esta es una biblioteca. ---- but this is a library.
Para comprar libros, ---- to purchase books
usted quiere la libreria, ---- you want the bookstore
que esta en el segundo piso del HUB. ---- which is on the second level of the HUB.
El HUB esta detras de la biblioteca. ---- The HUB is behind the library (gestures)
Tengo un mapa. ---- I have a map (offering it, with further gestures)

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