Friday, February 27, 2009

CBC Library Virtual New Books Shelf

In addition to our “What’s New” library web page, we have created a "Virtual New Books Shelf" for browsing book covers of CBC Library new books!

• The direct URL is :
• The project was started on Feb. 19 and we had 52 new books added since then;

To see call numbers and availability for check out:
1. Click on the book cover, which will open the full citation.
2. Scroll down and enter location information. The CBC record should show up.
3. Click on the link "Columbia Basin College" to see our catalog record.

More details:
• The URL links to the “Covers Only” view, but you can switch to “Details and Notes View” or “Citations View”
• The list is updated whenever a new book is added to our collection and put on the shelf
• The list shows the most recently added books first by default, but you can sort by title or published date as well
• The list links to our catalog record so you can see if the book is available
• Additional lists will be available by month at (Bookmark this!)

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