Friday, March 12, 2010

Qwidgets Everywhere!

We have deployed the Qwidget version of our "Ask a Librarian" service in our reference webpage, our Topic of the Week blog, the Library Research sections of WebCT and Angel, and on the results page of every EBSCOhost search. These use OCLC's QuestionPoint software to provide you live 24/7 web-based text chat with librarians from Washington state and beyond. Qwidgets are great for quick questions, but the full window versions, either frames or no frames, would be better for more involved research help.

Of course, we still hope that you will come in to our libraries and let our reference librarians assist you, live and in person. But if you're at home struggling with your research paper late at night when the library is closed, isn't it nice to know you can still Ask A Librarian?

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