Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Database Trial - Sharpe Online Reference

We currently have a trial running of Sharpe Online Reference. These are highly praised scholarly reference titles available online as a onetime purchase. The majority of the titles currently available are useful for U.S. History. Titles that are potentially useful for other history courses include:
· Latino History and Culture
· Global History: Cultural Encounters
· World Trade: From Ancient Times to the Present
· Conflicts Since World War II

The title Social Issues in America covers the sort of topics that are of interest in Philosophy and Sociology, as well as for issue-oriented composition research papers.

This trial runs until February 10th 2011. Please contact library@columbiabasin.edu with your feedback. If you recommend purchase please indicate which individual titles and what courses/projects they would support, as the library is not likely to purchase the whole database at this time.

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