Friday, June 15, 2012

New - Encyclopedia of Adolescence (Online)

The Encyclopedia of Adolescence
Edited by B. Bradford Brown and Mitchell Prinstein. Elsevier, 2011.
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This encyclopedia, 3 volumes in print form, is available online to unlimited numbers of authorized CBC users on or off-campus.  Essays are cross-disciplinary, peer-reviewed and substantial. The volumes have scholarly titles that are not entirely suggestive of the articles within. Volume 1, Normative processes in development, does include articles on brain development and executive function but also adolescent driving, music listening, sleep, nutrition, self-esteem and sexual orientation. Volume 2, Interpersonal and sociocultural factors, has articles on family relationships and social support but also bullying, discrimination, homelessness, media influence, sports, vocational training and youth gangs. Volume 3, Psychopathology and non-normative processes, includes addiction, gambling, learning disabilities, mental and physical diseases, risk-taking, stress, tobacco use, and much more.
Note - while the 'further reading' section in each article includes links you will need to search our catalog or Journal Finder to determine whether or not we have access to the suggested sources - or contact a librarian for help.

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