Wednesday, November 14, 2012

New Gale Virtual Reference Books!

Encyclopedia of Gender in Media. This "does a remarkable job of providing an orientation to two vast topics--media (film, television, radio, music, reading material, and new media, represented by online sources), and gender (female, male, lesbian, gay, transsexual)--in slightly over 170 entries." [CHOICE, Nov. 2012] While this includes many of the topics one might expect - advertising, the Beauty Myth, television, stereotypes - it also includes blogs, MMORPGs, Reality TV Makeover shows, Facebook, Video Games, and YouTube.

Encyclopedia of Modern China. Ed. by David Pong. Gale, 2009. Over 900 articles, 2000 pages, nearly 500 authors, hundreds of illustrations including many full-color photographs and 53 primary source documents cover China "... from 1800 to the present; topics range from the daily life of common folks to the ever-changing structure of the banking system that is part of the engine of China’s recent transformation." Rated 'outstanding' by the RUSA and CHOICE and honorable mention for the 2010 Dartmouth prize (the winner was the Encyclopedia of Human Rights, also available from CBC Library).

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