Friday, September 20, 2013

Scientific American


CBC Library now has online access to Scientific American.

Access the latest issue today!

Since 1845 Scientific American has been providing cutting-edge content in science, technology, policy and business worldwide. As one of the most recognized, respected and widely read monthly magazines, Scientific American bridges the gap between the research community and those who can put discoveries to work. Every issue identifies and delivers the latest developments, along with business-critical R and D, across a broad range of fields including:
Health Environment
Space Society and Policy
Technology Energy
Biology General sciences
Mind and Brain

Scientific American also offers:

Scientific American Mind Included with your site license subscription to Scientific American, Scientific American Mind publishes substantive information on the science of what makes humans human. Expert writers consider and define such topics as how we make choices, whether multitasking saves time, how memory works and the latest findings in depression and stress.

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