Friday, January 9, 2009


The student's WebCT ID will (mostly) be in the format firstname.mi.lastname, e.g. john.q.public, as detailed in the WebCT Login Info page
  • The ID must be entered in all lowercase. Any capitalization will cause the logon to fail
  • If the student has more than one middle name, there will be additional middle initials, e.g. george.h.w.bush
  • If there is already a student with the same WebCT ID, ".2" is added to their ID, e.g. john.smith.2
  • If a name has a suffix, such as JR, SR, I, II, III or IV (not absolutely sure about the last one), those will be discarded and not used. so PUBLIC JOHN Q SR and PUBLIC JOHN Q JR will result in the same ID, and if they are both enrolled, one will have ".2" as a suffix
  • A problem mainly with last names separated by spaces - it takes the first 'word' as the last name:. So VAN DAMME JEAN CLAUDE would become damme.j.c.van - VAN, the second 'word' as the first name: DAMME and any additional 'words' as middle names or initials.

per J. Lewis, January 09, 2009 2:06 PM

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