Thursday, July 16, 2009

Collaborative Study Area

The library has created a new collaborative study space in the rooms near the open computer area. Each of the two connected rooms feature a large conference area adjacent to a whiteboard. We have also moved six computers into the first room, each with enough space for groups to work together on presentations or other projects.

This effort has been taken in response to comments on our surveys. This was the only way that we could produce something like more group study rooms. The reconfiguration of our existing furniture allowed us to move all of the group study tables out of the quiet study area, which we hope results in more quiet.

There are two side benefits we hope you will enjoy. First, the collaborative study room always seemed very dimly lit before, but the white-topped tables reflect the light creating a much more appealing space. Second, moving the computers allowed us to leave more space between several of the computers in the open lab - enough for notebooks or even textbooks!

Unlike our other group study rooms we currently have no plans to sign groups up for this space - it is first come, first served. We hope that you will come in and take a look, and let us know what you think.

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