Thursday, July 16, 2009

Guidelines - Damaged Materials

It has always been the policy of CBC Library to charge patrons who damage library materials checked out to them. This is necessarily a subjective procedure, as 'damage' ranges from a few dog-eared pages to near-total destruction. We have recently settled on guidelines to help us insure consistency.

Minor Damage — This includes a few pencil marks, bent pages, and very slight water damage.
Note in student’s account. Verbal notification to the student the damage was noted on her/ his record.

Moderate Damage — This includes highlighting, ink marks, stains, water damage, torn pages or multiple pages with pencil mark.
$5.00 fee.

Major Damage — This includes damage to book’s cover and binding requiring extensive repairs.
$10.00 fee

Severe Damage — This includes torn, cut or missing pages, severe water damage, excessive ink marks, burns, teeth marks from animals, or any other extensive damage.
$15.00 processing fee, plus full replacement cost as determined by a Librarian.

Any damage to CDs, video tapes, or DVDs
$15.00 processing fee and full replacement cost.

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