Thursday, March 21, 2013

Printing in the Library (Pasco Campus)

New:  Printing from most of the computers in the Library.
  • Students must log into the computers with SID and PIN;
  • Students must choose desired printer every time, the default printer differs on each computer;
  • When printing, students can choose NetPrint printers (designated with NP) DIRECTLY and single-sided printing if desired. See image below. There is No Need to login to the NetPrint web interface and upload files. 
  • 75 page limit - split larger files into multiple print jobs.

More Information about cash printing (G624, G699, and G530; Pay cash at Circulation) :
  • Students will NOT be charged for citation, abstract, library catalog, or KIOSK printing.

  • Students will be charged for printing of full-text articles, email, assignments, web pages, etc. in the main library on the Pasco campus.

  • G624 and G699 are black & white printers ($.05 per page, defaulted to "Print on Both Sides")

  • G530 is the color printer ($.25 per page, defaulted to print Single-sided)

  • You can pick up your printings at the Circulation Desk. Let us know the number of the computer (e.g. Index 8, epicenter 16, etc.) that you printed from.

To print PowerPoint slides 2-6 slides on one side of a page, print as "Handouts".

The college encourages double-sided printing to save paper and most instructors are aware of that. However, if for some reason, you would like to print single-sided, you can change the default.

Using the NetPrint Web Interface (from your laptop or any non-library computer with an internet connection)
(G841 black & white, G866 color; every currently registered student gets $12 "free" credit for printing.)
  • NetPrint Web Interface Login
  • NetPrint Information page
  • $12 "free" credit per quarter
  • The black & white printer defaults to double-sided printing and it cannot be changed using the NetPrint web interface
  • Limited file types accepted using the NetPrint web interface. A lot of files can be converted to XPS files, which works with the NetPrint web interface. If you need help, ask a reference librarian.
  • NetPrint Demo (Update: All student NetAccounts are automatically activated now. Please skip the first part of the video.)


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