Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Finding Required Textbooks for Classes

After you have registered for your classes, you might want to find out what books are needed. Instructors send the information to the CBC bookstore before the quarter starts. You can search for the textbooks at the CBC bookstore website. You may rent if available. Renting can be cheaper but you have to mail it back after the rental period. You may also use the library reserve copy if available, which is also usually in-library use only. See detailed information about your options below.

I. Steps to find out required textbooks by course
1. Go to http://www.cbcbookstore.com/
2. Scroll down and click on the blue "textbooks" button above "Store Info"
3. Check the checkbox and click "Continue to Textbook Ordering" (You don’t have to order online.)
4. Click on the quarter that you want to find out about. (e.g. "Winter 2013")
5. Select the department. e.g. "ENGL&", click on it to select the specific class
6. Classes will appear on the right side window that says "Your Schedule".
7. Click on the black "Find Books" button
8. You should see the list of textbooks, note the edition and ISBN.

II. If the book is too expensive,  you can rent textbooks if available.
Go to http://cbc.rentsbooks.com
You can search for the book by ISBN, Title, etc. Note that not all textbooks are available for renting. Renting can be cheaper but you have to mail it back after the rental period. Amazon.com sometimes also offer rental options.

III. At the library, we have a course reserves (library use only) which includes some textbooks. We don't have textbooks for all classes on reserve. You should also try searching by the book's title in the catalog to see if there is another copy in a different location. Ask for "Reserve Circ" items at the Circulation desk. Ask a librarian if you need help with the search.

IV. Resource center provides short-time no-interest book loans for students. According to their director, “there is no interest and no fee and no low income requirement, but students will have to show financial ability to pay back the loan by the end of the quarter. This would be helpful for some students who are working but could benefit from paying the tuition in three installments over the summer. Students who have financial aid already should not apply for the loan unless for some reason their aid payment did not arrive on time and they need help."

V. Finally, you may want to confirm with your instructor that the book you are ordering is the right one. Sometimes your instructors might even allow you to use an older edition, which could be much cheaper. Some instructors might also put an extra copy of the textbook on reserve at the library if they know that the bookstore has run out of copies. To find contact information of your instructor, go to the CBC Staff Directory.


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