Tuesday, September 20, 2011

New Resources On Campus

From: Donna Starr
Information Services
Subject: New resources available to current students

Welcome back!

Since the Tech Fee Open Computer Lab is gone, I wanted to let you know of some new resources available to current students. We have added to the Tech Fee funded student laptop checkout program in the library and we now have 100 laptops available. The Library has increased the checkout time from three days to one week. A big thank you to the library staff that have worked so hard at providing this service.

We are also adding some wireless printing stations around the campus. There will be 7 on the Pasco Campus and 1 on the Richland campus. Students can log in with their laptops and then send documents to the NetPrint website and specify which printer they want their document sent to.

There will be a minimal cost for this printing, but students will start out each quarter with a $12.00 credit. Black and white printing is two-sided and will cost $.03 each side. Color prints will be one-sided and cost $.25 per sheet. For more information go to www.columbiabasin.edu/NetPrint

If you have any questions please call the helpdesk at Ext 2353.

(P.S. We welcome you to come to the library to get help too. Y.Y. )

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