Thursday, September 8, 2011

More Computers in the Collaborative Study Rooms

Collab Rm #1
Our Collaborative Study Rooms have become very popular since we opened them two years ago. This summer, we added 10 more computers to a total of 18 in the two rooms in response to the W building computer labs' closure due to budget cuts. We made sure that the layout is still conducive to collaborations. We hope the two rooms will become even more popular with more computers, of which four have dual monitors, 3 new scanners, and new software. Below is a list of new software installed in addition to MS Office and OpenOffice:

1. Visual Studio(Computer Programming) on all 18 computers;
2. Converge(Math) on 9 computers;
3. Creative Suite (Photoshop etc. for Graphics & photo) on 3 computers;
4. Quickbooks Pro (Accounting) on 5 computers;
5. Derive (Math)on all computers (work in process).
6. Primavera Enterprise for Project Management students (added 10/2012)

• First come, first serve
• Students only
• Active Learning
• Normal Conversations
• Turn Cell Phone Ringers Off
• No Cell Phone Calls
• No food and drinks

Collab Rm #2


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