Friday, June 3, 2011

Survey Q & A - Computers

We received a number of questions and comments on the library survey (May 16 - 22 2011); this is the first in a series of responses.

Q: Why don't you add more computers?

A: In December 2010 Information Services and the student technology fee allowed us to begin checking out 61 laptops to students for use within the library and beyond. Last month (May 2011) we checked them out to students a total of 371 times!

While the library's budget does not provide for additional computers, Information Services continues to evaluate student needs and explore options for expanding computer access in the future. Students should be aware of our computer access policy and let us know if they cannot find a computer for their primary purpose: CBC classwork and other academic needs. We can often find a computer for you in the Epicenter, and (as some of you pointed out) there are usually students using our computers for non-academic purposes who the librarians can ask to vacate the lab.

Update (12/7/2011): We now have 150 laptops that check out for 1 week (7 days) at a time. All of the open computing and collaborative study room computers were replaced during the past quarter and 10 units were added.

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