Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Survey Q & A - Quiet v.s. Group Areas

Can you keep people quiet in the main computer area?

(Background) Providing both quiet and collaborative study areas for our students is an important goal of our library. This balancing act has been challenging due to our limited space. We are glad to see from the result of our online survey that overall the "Space for quiet study" was rated 4.53 (the 3rd highest rated resource) and "Space for collaborative study" was rated 4.49 (the 4th highest rated resource) on a 5 point scale.

We attribute the high ratings to our Library Zones system that has been in place for two years. The main computer area is in the Green Zone where normal talking and collaborations are allowed. The Epicenter computer lab is in the Yellow Zone where students can walk in and use computers quietly. We keep the Epicenter open whenever there isn't a class in there. Another option is to use a laptop in our Red Silent Zone in the back. If you need to avoid other distractions, you may request a study room for individual study, although you will be asked to give up the room if a group needs it.

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